* filmbokep Hello all...
If we want to change our domain from old to new domain. But we already have so many file with url old domain. So i think is imposible to change it one by one. Can we rewrite it with automatic....? Its must be rewrite permanent not direct. Thank you
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* Lordeagle * filmbokep How do ur url looks like in the source code? Is it relative to ur site or standard?
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* filmbokep * Lordeagle the url like this, htttp://filmbokep.mobi/image/bokep.jpg
I already direct the domain from filmbokep.mobi to filmbokep.link
So in my post blog, the picture is not show like usualy. Like that picture i send.
Thank you
2015-11-27 05:01
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* filmbokep * Lordeagle hello sir, please answer my question
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* Lordeagle * filmbokep what am asking is, if url look like this code below in the source code
<a href="/images/file.png">view image</a>
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or is it full file link with ur domain name that u use to code with?
2015-11-28 00:30 · (0)
* filmbokep * Lordeagle like this, i just use tool in xt blog/

<p class="xt_text"><img style="cursor: default;" class="xt_image" src="http://komikbok.com/komik/pelajaran sex singkat/000.jpg"></p>
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* Lordeagle * filmbokep i tink javascript can do dat but it may have some nasty effects ur page and it will increase ur page load. what I have in mind is getting the content of the body tag using innerHTML method and using global insensitive method to replace the old domain with the new domain after the page is loaded
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* filmbokep * Lordeagle ok noproblem, i'll take the risk. Please tell me how the way to do that. In java script. Thanks
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* filmbokep * Lordeagle Hello , please help me. How to rewrite that url.
2015-12-01 07:09 · (0)
* Lordeagle * filmbokep Substitute the urls used below with urs
var b=document.body;
function rewriteURL(){
var c=b.innerHTML.replace(/eaglenet.xtgem.com/gi,'lordeagle.yn.lt');

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paste the above at the foot of ur pages.
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