* TECRIDIBLE i am not that much expert in xtgem site xtscripts and blogs can anyone help me with this?

i want to a blog for nokiaasha.mobie.in

i dont know how to modify twig files that why i am asking for help i want you to maintain ui on for site

1. Home Page:
check out my site nokiaasha.mobie.in it contains ui first with white second block with grey i want the blog also shown in same ui. blog post must comment and liked below the post and published by and time. with image at side small box

2.post body
post musy contain title at center and sutitle at below and image must be inside like banner with border. with like this post , share this post and comment post must also have recent posts

Header with White And Border With Title Big and subtitles small right to subtitle must have menu (three slash bar)

Footer must be Black ,, With White Texts Links must be also white ,,
2018-01-30 04:00 · (0)
* Graham
this is where I am at on this http://nok1.yn.lt
2018-02-01 12:31 · (1)
* TECRIDIBLE * Graham thank you so much it how to use these?
2018-02-01 18:37 · (0)
* Graham * TECRIDIBLE What css template do you want to use as some of your pages have several conflicting ones
bs37.7 is my preference although I can also do something using the same css as nokiaasha' home page
2018-02-02 19:10 · (0)
* TECRIDIBLE * Graham same will be good or give me with your own css bro no problem
2018-02-03 03:37 · (0)

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