Blog tags not working check tags used as categories in my blog http://tecridible.cf
2018-03-01 03:51
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* bemethavinci * TECRIDIBLE I Also Noticed That On My Blog. well, i guess it will be fixed soonest. But ever since XtGem came back. There has been alot of bugs, errors, and server issues. That is not even cared about to be fixed.
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* bemethavinci * TECRIDIBLE XtGem is falling by the day, people are leaving silently. I also wonder if their server will be there for long. And if it will add new features.
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* Graham * TECRIDIBLE in what way ? the tags seem to be working just fine to me
I am currently away on holiday with my family
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* TECRIDIBLE * Graham its working now but its not working yesterday since after recovering from server down why nowadays sever down issue often past two days continuously there were server down issue
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* Disaru * bemethavinci Every wap builder is does like that right now. Wapego: [DEAD], Wapka [HALF DEAD]. Xtgem is the only one who still consistance to me. There are some new players in Wapbuilder services, but just only look on the homepage I'm already hopeless.

The only thing lack of xtgem for me is search engine visibility. If I use Google Webmaster Tool to ask Google to crawl a link on my site, it then appear in Google just in a second. But the problem is why it's not follow direct links on the page. Even waited for a day, a week, and longer Google never crawled anything on my site except the page I submit to crawl :-/
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* bemethavinci * Disaru Sometimes i think that if i wake up. I wont see XtGem any longer. Sometimes, i feel like moving to another server. Still i like this server but i feel it will shut down some day, Am just confused.

For The Problems You Are Facing, Thats A Little Issue. Well, all you have to do is create a ''sitemap.xml'' and a ''robot.txt'' file and then upload them on the foot folder of your site. And then submit both the sitemap.xml and the robot.txt on Google Webmaster Tool for crawling. Wait for a day and then recheck your site on the search engine.
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