* Disaru Dear Admin,

I like the image converting feature in xtgem as it very helpful in my site, e.g. change .jpg image to .png, etc. The problem is, after converted the image size will be multiplied twice or even 5 times bigger.

If only the image can be compressed automatically after conversion, it will be a very good thing to save bandwith for us, especially for visitors. Thank you :D !
2018-02-10 18:42 · (0)
* Cally * Disaru Hi, mine is ok. Maybe you aren't geting something right Or is just a bug like i'm having now?

Posting newly uploaded image to file browser with the regular code [<img src="/images/said image>] is not working. But works very well with old image in thesame folder. :rooleyes:
2018-02-11 08:06 · (0)
* Heriwap * Cally Name image exp: my_img.jpg
<img src="/images/my_img.jpg">
Copy code

Name image exp: my img.jpg
<img src="/images/my%20img.jpg">
Copy code
2018-02-11 08:30 · (0)
* Cally * Heriwap it works now thanks
2018-02-11 11:45 · (0)
* Heriwap * Cally WC ,,
2018-02-12 08:43 · (0)
* Disaru Guys, I'm talking about FILE SIZE here, not resolution size.

And, it's not something good or bad. It's just it would better if after conversion the image can be compressed so the image file size can be reduced to save bandwith :D
2018-02-12 21:39 · (0)

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