* Mywapmaster hallo #graham or all users how to create a button or link to subscribe to the site ? (bagaimana membuat tombol atau link berlangganan site?)
2015-03-16 21:22 · (1)
* tmyusuf * Mywapmaster For which site ?
2015-05-25 00:10 · (2)
* Graham * Mywapmaster That is what the auth bar is for
and as it is now in an iframe there is no way of extracting the data for a login button
You need to have the auth bar on the blog page
If you have disabled it by adding <xt:auth skip="yes" /> to your headtags / header / footer
you can re enable it for the blog page by adding <xt:auth /> just below the <head> tag on your blog page (so that it is called before the one in headtags / header / footer)
You can also make the auth bar stay at the top by using js to change the position:fixed css tag to position:absolute
Again add it just below <head>
The <xt:auth /> tag causes the auth bar code to be inserted here rather than at the end of the page as normal
<xt:auth />

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