* bemethavinci Good day Webmasters Of XTGEM!...please,i am confused on which coding to use to design ma site to make it simple and responsive...i have been thinkinq for lonq on which coding skill i need and which color desiqn will suit site...actualy its a blog...that i chose to host on xtgem!...so i really need help on this...because i dont know which one to chose inside ''CSS and JQUERY''...''HTML AND CSS''....''CSS'' only...or ''BOOTSTRAP''...''FOUNDATION''...and ''W3.CSS'' ...i really need the help...thank you all.
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* Mwebvendor * bemethavinci As for now in the world of internet... 70% out of 100% is mobile user... if you have an advanced skills of coding? you can do anything... for me im satisfied in my simple blog with responsive template because im not totally advanced coder,,
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* Graham * bemethavinci
If your gonna use a template then bootstrap is the most widely used has the most tutorials and is actually quite simple to use once you understand the basics

foundation is very similar but is aimed a little more at professionals with a private server

W3css is in theory the most simple and has a lot more preset colors but you have to add a lot of the js and jquery as you go which means in some ways it is more complicated

which ever of them you choose you either need to use twig for the blog / forum or create your own styles in a separate style sheet as the classes do not match

If you want real simplicity then as I said just go for one of the xtgem templates and use a un twigged blog/forum

to be honest a good site is more about the quality of original content that you add then it is about all the frilly gimmicks

if you want to build your own from the bottom up then you have to do all that work yourself and that is probably the hardest option as it is like learning to speak several foreign languages and can take years of study
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* bemethavinci * Mwebvendor anythinq like?...
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* bemethavinci * Graham hmmm!...thats true sir graham....i think i need to do it the hard way and get advanced on the bootstrap and xtgem...just only need a blog...and focus on my studies...if im serious enough i would make it here...but my prob about xtgem are those xt functions...xtinclude...xt...etc and its codinq...i understand bootstrap now...but xt functions is confusinq...and spend my time on xtgem syntax tutorial....what do you think sir graham...because all i need is a blog and forum...and help people in some thinz and also tell them about xtgem and write about xtgem....But for now...i have JAMB examination to write and when am done...i will spend most of my time on xtgem...because my time is now...and i will fully need you help sir graham when i will be back...for now i have to study my books...because education is first.
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* Waplocus * bemethavinci I'm also a JAMBITE From NIG...
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* bemethavinci * Waplocus thats cool...i hope you are readinq hard for the exams.
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