* TECRIDIBLE is this possible showing online or today and total counter of one page in another page?????

i am thinking to make something like manual stats for site in "/stats" page showing my whole site total visitors . showing index would be good enough.
2018-01-11 05:45 · (0)
* TECRIDIBLE * TECRIDIBLE Then the reply is no right ok close the thread
2018-01-13 01:57 · (0)
* Graham * TECRIDIBLE You can do it with xtcat counters but xtgem counters are simple counters that apply to the whole site so viewing the page will increment the counter
2018-01-13 08:27 · (0)
* TECRIDIBLE * Graham how to do that my bro can you give me demo?

i need to show my 'index' total counter in 'stats' page will itbe possible to show total users browser in stats page?
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