* Mumble Please consider not using popup ad. my visitor dropped drastically, XtGem Already there are ad that under page? Floating ad.

Before xtgem server died last month, my site has 500 people online / min, has 1.2million pageviews, I will soon leave this hosting if there are still ads popup ads.
2017-11-13 01:37 · (0)
* Mumble You will be left members and visitors if using deadly ad. of course i'll also leave this hosting too.
2017-11-13 02:35 · (0)
* KunVN * Mumble If you delete the ad then xtgem will have no revenue to maintain and the 'tragedy' xtgem will come back and it will last longer :(
2017-11-13 02:41 · (0)
* Mumble * KunVN Do you use mobile non android or old mobile? borrow your friend's mobile, try to access the site your xtgem, just so annoyed, it's hard to enter the site.
2017-11-13 02:46 (edited 2017-11-13 02:50 by Mumble ) · (0)
* Mumble i am quite expert in vps, i'll want to use my own hosting. or I will still stay here if my request is heard.
2017-11-13 02:49 · (0)
* KunVN * Mumble Yes, I use android on the site to see it is real but I do not mind when the ad is below my page, I just hate to click on the ad will automatically download the file!
2017-11-13 02:51 · (0)
* Mumble * KunVN That i mean, it intrusive ads, deadly ad
2017-11-13 02:52 · (0)
* KunVN * Mumble Also margin, let me please your site okay?
2017-11-13 03:03 · (0)

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