*  I cant add any block
it says,
Unexpected server error occured. Please let us know what you were doing before getting this error so that we can fix the problem.
And when I submit bug with xtgem contact form it says invalid image.
I cant even ask help from xtgem admins
Please help.
2014-11-12 15:15 (edited 2014-11-12 15:17 by ) · (0)
* tunguyen01s I get an error with the website is created with the name wap tunguyen01s.wap.sh
That is my website.
I can not be the creation of this wap
2015-04-04 06:30 · (0)
* Graham * tunguyen01s I tested your site and did not get any problems
2015-04-04 08:43 · (0)
* Aash * Graham This problem often happends! I also face this sometime. But it gets resolved automatically.
2015-04-06 04:11 · (0)

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