* GuruzLord * Graham sir I know about dropdown but all I need is how to make it appeare like the 1 at the screenshot I want to know how he did the thumbnail nail at the back of the dropdown
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* Graham * GuruzLord it is just set as a background image from within the twig file it's available in the twig data arrary in set sizes up to 150px (16,32,64,128,150)
I use this tacked on to the twig to show the contents of the data array
{% if translate ('debug')=='1'%}<div class="panel panel-default"><div class="panel-heading">Debug Information</div><div class="panel-body">
_context twig global
<textarea class="form-control" style="height:10em;" >{{ _context|json_encode(constant('JSON_PRETTY_PRINT')) }}</textarea>

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and then I set debug=1 on the forum translation file to toggle it
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* GuruzLord * Graham I paste the above code in my twig and it appeared in I text area
below my forum
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* Graham * GuruzLord thats what it's for
it's a debugging tool to show you the content of the forum variables available on the current forum page
it is helpful when customizing templates
The menu container simply uses the avatar image from the menu twig as a css image background
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* GuruzLord * Graham OK thank you
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