* Devian Hi! there, I'm devian, i am a web designer, if you have trouble about web design you can contact me.
2017-03-24 19:22 · (0)
* bemethavinci * Devian Im a novice web master...not good in coding...im confuse on what platform i should use for my blog...but currently im using xtgem...n im too slow in makinq my site...jus dull...today i will say i want to use bootstrap...tomorrow w3.css...other use css and javascript and im not even good at them...its as if im in a circle without limit...im so confused bcos im a die hard symbian user...i dont like blogger platform because it requires high ended devices like android which i dont like...right now...i dont know what to do...jus confused!
2017-03-24 23:09 · (0)
* Skyranking * Devian YES
2017-11-01 19:10 · (0)
* Waplocus * bemethavinci Choose the 1 u know it's easy 4 u and stick to it.
2017-11-01 21:43 · (0)
* bemethavinci * Waplocus Thank You
2017-11-03 08:23 · (0)

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