* Thor Look like i posted at the wrong category. Sorry, my bad. I want to del, where the button?
I register to xtgem on 2014, but start enjoy this great wap builder about 2 months ago. That mean im a noob. Many thanks to anybody who make xtGem. :D This my question:

1). In xtblog if i want to make entry list just by 1 tag. Input this: tag="TAG". How if i want the entry list by 2 tag or more? I was try seperate by comma and fail. :v

2). Then, how to make {{ data.post.subtitle }} can show at the homepage (entry_list)? I was try move that code and fail. :v
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* Lordeagle * Thor it's xtgem's flaw that we can only display one tag list but u can do more with this untrusted trick
If u wish to list two tags or create two or blog blocks and add there tags(remember to handle the per page well). In your paging function or in your pagination block(in xtgem blog twig) wrap it with
<div class="paging">//your codes here</div>
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Now place this javascript code in your footer
var paging=document.getElementsByClassName("paging");
for(var i=0;i>paging.length;i++){

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