* ebaze please if possible on xtgem site to send a message from xtgem site and the receiver receive it with the name of site, if possible please help me with the codes and process to do that.
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* Graham * ebaze There is no 'sms' sending app on xtgem there is a url scheme but support may be a bit patchy on modern browsers the link takes the form
<a href="sms:123456?body=Test">Send SMS</a>
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the other options are possibly online sms widgets but most of those are 'premium' or 'ad powered' and some may cause spam messages if the service sells lists of numbers to advertisers
It gets rather complicated because of course apple cannot decide how they want to do it and there are several different url schemes depending on which version of IOS the device uses see http://blog.julianklotz.de/the-sms-uri-scheme/
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* ebaze thank you graham, i want to create a forum like that of strikecoded.xtgem.com please help me on how to do that.
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