* expokingz I created an appcache manifest file so that users visiting my website can easily cache some resources available.

As so people may know, this can boost load time.

I have set up my appcache, however, I am still confused whether it is really working or not. This is because whenever I load my website, there isn't much change in loading time.

So, can I know if there are any way to see if my appcache resources are really being cached?

Also note that I've searched through Google like crazy..
2018-05-06 23:15 · (0)
* Graham * expokingz It is being deprecated and it is recommended that you don't use it
but basically if it is working (or trying to) then the data will be in your cookies
2018-05-06 23:40 (edited 2018-05-06 23:43 by Graham ) · (0)

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