* W4rl0ck someone please help me to make a cotegories in my file list post. i have more than 500 file list post in my site. and now i want to filter that post by categories. i mean look like a tags in xtblog. please guide me step by step. thanks. my site is http://linkbokep.biz
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* Graham * W4rl0ck
Without getting into total rewrites and preset lists the only filter you can do is by the file names
so you could have a link like <a href="?cat=skandal">Skandal</a>
and in your filelist add
or in xtscript you just 'get' the variable and use it directly
* == any sequence of chars
so it looks for a match anywhere in the file name
.* at the end means it will reject any file without a extension (like index)
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