* Ardiz share ur code :)
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* TELLYsites * Ardiz visit tellysite.xtgem.com/forum to find solutions to needs
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* Disaru Or do you interested in manipulation using Javascript? It's easy with a few line of JQuery, but of course you must not include <xt:auth skip> in your site... PM me if anyone interested and I will share it in this forum...
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* Graham this is what I use the bar will be where you put it
There are limits to what you can do as it is in a iframe
Put this where the auth bar is to show
<div id="auth"><xt:auth /></div>
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Add this script anywhere below it
var auth=document.getElementById("auth");
auth.getElementsByTagName("style")[0].innerHTML="#xt_auth_iframe {background: transparent;margin-top:2px}";
var iframe=auth.getElementsByTagName("iframe");

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