* TechnoSparks I created an appcache manifest file so that users visiting my website can easily cache some resources available.

As so people may know, this can boost load time.

I have set up my appcache, however, I am still confused whether it is really working or not. This is because whenever I load my website, there isn't much change in loading time.

So, can I know if there are any way to see if my appcache resources are really being cached?

Also note that I've searched through Google like crazy.. :crazy:
2013-12-28 11:51 · (1)
* mv * TechnoSparks Did you read this one? http://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/appcache/beginner/
2013-12-29 10:29 · (3)
* Povilas * TechnoSparks Try loading your site with chrome's developer tools' network tab open ( https://developers.google.com/chrome-developer-tools/ ) - it should give you some insight on what's being loaded
2013-12-29 17:36 · (2)
* TechnoSparks Well, thanks, I have now know why my appcache is not working. Had to install Google Chrome for doing that :D

Hmm okay to make things a bit little clear..

I wanted to only cache the javascripts and stylesheets and not any of the documents.

So, none of my documents are referencing to the manifest file since a page which points to such file means that it will implicitly cached too.

It turns out I can't. Any workaround? :(
2013-12-30 14:18 · (1)
* mv Browsers by default cache these.
2013-12-31 14:59 · (1)
* TechnoSparks * mv yes I am aware of that. I am thinking of appcache is better since it does not dump your website's cache if a user loads another resource-heavy website. hmm so there is no solution then? okay :) i'll exclude appcache on my website
2013-12-31 17:58 · (1)
* Osazeworld * TechnoSparks Though i haven't tested the cache on appache and how it works. But i have a document on appache 2.2 and above in pdf format. If you want i can send it by email.
2014-01-01 23:34 · (1)
* TechnoSparks * Osazeworld you can upload it to http://qfs.mobi then give me the link here via forum or PM me :D
2014-01-04 13:45 · (1)
* Osazeworld * Osazeworld This is the download link for apache server documentation. http://qfs.mobi/f1122880 valid till 10-2-2014 be fast.
2014-01-11 01:30 · (1)
* Osazeworld * TechnoSparks This is the download link for apache server documentation. http://qfs.mobi/f1122880valid till 10-2-2014 be fast.
2014-01-11 01:32 · (1)

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