* Mwebvendor Im not a selfish, Today i will share a simple code about image preview for xtblog. this code is javascript and css only its good for the new member in xtgem. Do you want create a video blog in xtgem or sextgem? this is the best trick to look your site awesome.. Read carefully, and follow my instruction.
Visit my blog for sample of this trick http://bootscrap.xtgem.com .. You can see the image in the blog list but in the blog post? it was disable. If you want create a video blog? paste the embed code to your post.

1.Create the folder for thumbnails of your images per blog post.
2.Add this code for the post you want to.

<img id='hrefId' src="/FOLDER-CREATED AT THE FIRST STEP/name of image.jpg" alt="" class="img-thumbnail"/>
<style type="text/css">
<script languae="javascript">
var myPicture= document.getElementById('hrefId');
myPicture.className = "disabled";
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* sermon * Mwebvendor I'm new in xtgem... Will u please suggest me on how to make three stick nav menu...
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