* TECRIDIBLE I am unaware of is there any limitations on blog post or unlimited?? xtgem experts???
2018-02-26 21:14 · (0)
* bemethavinci * TECRIDIBLE There is a Yes and No Factor, the Yes is that. Its limited to 500 posts per blog and when you have reach that of the blog post. You can send a request to XtGem Officials to enable them to make your blog post unlimited, Thats for the No Factor.
2018-02-26 23:54 (edited 2018-02-26 23:56 by bemethavinci ) · (0)
* TECRIDIBLE * bemethavinci Thank You very much if that is possible then i wil be happy because my blog might have crossed 100 posts we are adding 4-5 posts every day so its not possible for us with just stop with 500 posts i am sure it will cross thousands....
2018-02-27 00:47 · (0)

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