* AGKLOADED mr graham you the best ,help me . With dis , and trecidible. I NEED IT QUICKLY
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* VOLThor6 * AGKLOADED Weezywap has a very useful and easy to use file list generator File list generator . This one has image preview. Fill in all the required fields and you'll get your code.
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* AGKLOADED * VOLThor6 i create there Now but dey didnt give me code OR IS AUTOMATIC
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* VOLThor6 * AGKLOADED Did you follow all the instructions? You have to create a index file and a download file in the same directory of your files. Make sure to specify your images folder correctly. After that you're going to get two codes, one you must copy and paste it into a code block inside the index file and the other into the download file.
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* VOLThor6 * AGKLOADED Here, you need to paste this into your INDEX PAGE in a code block:
<xt:filelist sort_type="updated" sort_dir="asc" per_page="3" filter="*.*" folder="/FOLDER OF FILES" template="&lt;img src='http://YOUR URL TO IMAGES/.file_name..jpg'/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;&lt;b&gt;Name:&lt;/b&gt; .file_name_parsed.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;b&gt;Size:&lt;/b&gt; .file_size.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;a href='http://URL TO YOUR DOWNLOAD PAGE/?file=.file_name.&size=.file_size.'&gt;Download Now!&lt;/a&gt;&lt;br/&gt;"/> Jump to page:<form action="<xt:url type="path" />" method="get"><input type="text" style="width:25px" name="__filelist_page"><input type="submit" value="jump"></form>
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Edit only the parts that are in UPPERCASE with your information. And paste this into the DOWNLOAD PAGE in a code block:
<img src="http://YOUR URL TO IMAGES/{_$file|}.jpg" border="0" alt="{_$file|}" /><br /><b>Name:</b> {_$file|}<br/><b>Size:</b> {_$size|}<br/><b> Download:</b> <a href="http://<xt:url type="domain" />/FOLDER OF FILES/{_$file|}"> {_$file|} </a><br />Share url:<br /><textarea cols="15" rows="2"><xt:url "/></textarea>
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Again, edit only the parts in UPPERCASE. And remember you have to rename your images with the same extension of your files. Like: my myfile.jar.jpg and file should be: myfile.jar
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* VOLThor6 * AGKLOADED You're welcome. And remember it is very important to pay attention to the folder paths. If for some reason the code doesn't work properly make sure you have set up the folders path correctly and try again.
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