* TECRIDIBLE i own a site named http://nokiaasha.mobie.in its ui is based on old nokia store now i want to make filelist code for this site but its very difficult because of ui app will have two different colours is that possible to create a template with first gray and white colour is this possible
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odd numbered <div class="stripe">...</div> will have grey backgrounds
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* TECRIDIBLE * Graham bro i think you didnt get what im saying i am using site with two different divs one is white,, and other one is grey site screenshot attached below.

how to use fileist without affecting ui, filelist must contain two ui same like screenshot can you provoide filelist code???
2017-12-31 06:53
* Screenshot_20171231-220415.jpg · image/jpeg · 217.52KB
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* Graham * TECRIDIBLE that is exactly what it does you just use the class in the template you don't need two classes
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* TECRIDIBLE * Graham thank you so much brother
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