* toshudhiman * siva7170 Its nt working. How to use this. Its showing line nw also under the links.
2014-05-11 14:05 · (0)
* TechnoSparks * toshudhiman Well then you might want to declare the !important

Try this one
  text-decoration: none !important;

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When using this code, all links will lose its text decoration. In order to set text-decoration on specific classes, the !important should be declared too in order to override the original style
2014-05-11 14:33 · (0)
* toshudhiman * TechnoSparks Its working nw. But why its nt workd be4 means without 'important' note.

And tel me. How to use a pic with link and one or two more links in a single line. And also use a css in it which we had savd be4.
2014-05-12 05:35 · (0)
* TechnoSparks * toshudhiman As I said before, the !important takes the values to the highest level of all in the flow from the start of the file into the last line the file has. What I meant by file is the CSS file.

for example

  color: black !important;

  color: green !important;

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The link will be in green. As this code implies:
<a href="lol" class="link1 link2">A LINK</a>
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When a link with both classes are made, the link will follow the link2 selector in the CSS. This is due to the flow of the file.

If you can't understand, simply said, a class/id with !important in its CSS, the styles will be elevated at a high level, overriding other defined styles. :)
2014-05-12 06:10 · (0)
* toshudhiman * TechnoSparks Ok bt how to put two or more links in same line by using only 1 css in it.
2014-05-12 07:14 · (0)
* toshudhiman * TechnoSparks Sir, i want to knw. when i click on any link of my site, i want that its color changes .means it should look like that i had clicked on it.
2014-05-13 16:47 · (0)
* toshudhiman * toshudhiman And also how can i take backup of my site.
2014-05-13 17:05 · (0)
* drunkmonkey39 ok I gotta question for anyone I got a diploma from UMA online medical billing and coding but now it seews that know one want to hire someone with no experience any suggestions for me PLEASE
2014-05-18 13:06 · (0)
* TechnoSparks * toshudhiman Your first question had been answered by Graham, so I will answer your second question.

XtGem does not provide an automated backup feature. Because of this, I am thinking of writing a script to back up someone's website. However due to such script is a php script that script will not run on standard xtgem accounts.

At the time being, you can only do backup by manual means. Rename your desired files with a .txt extension and pull the file using a downloader or a direct link.
2014-05-18 13:34 · (0)

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