* albaniawap if you want to open a new site on xtgem like a download portal here it is a template http://rugames.wapamp.com

you can find the file in zip files are , there is a mising code of search files top of header
2017-12-12 20:48 · (0)
* albaniawap you can search your files by going here http://rugames.wapamp.com/srch
2017-12-24 08:56 · (0)
* TECRIDIBLE * albaniawap marvelous work brother,,,

one of my site runs on your ui only thank you i would be happy if you share must more like this for freshers it will be helpfull....

how to use the download page i mean how to add download page in filelist code its in your site but not in zip file
2017-12-25 00:49 · (0)
* albaniawap * TECRIDIBLE i shared the template as it is
2017-12-26 08:01 · (0)
* albaniawap * TECRIDIBLE you have made a change
2017-12-26 08:10 · (0)
* TECRIDIBLE * albaniawap yeah i made change my brother but still then i cant use download page page

check My post regarding downloadfile problem i have yeah made changes but still then problem persists
2017-12-26 08:12 · (0)

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