* Devian First, sorry for admin, moderator if I out of topics from this board or I promote my own site in this forum.

Second, I want to give a little information about the new blog platform-based mobile blog from my country indonesia and was called nextwapblog. Please feel free to those interested to join our blogging platform use the link below.

Detail :

Registration :

Official blog of nextwapblog :

Facebook Fanspage :

Discussion forum on facebook :

Thanks. :)
2017-03-25 04:15 · (0)
* bemethavinci * Devian waw...your mobile blog platform is good...but you need to change the language to english for people alround the world to understand....nice work devian...i think im ok with xtgem.
2017-03-25 08:03 · (0)
* Devian * bemethavinci that its possible if you're using mobile to access my site
2017-03-28 04:31 · (0)
* Dwijayas * Devian I would not recommend using their services because users who have registered often complain about services from those whose servers are often down
2018-10-09 04:04 · (0)
* basedtech * Dwijayas please why is xt blog comment box saying under maintenance?
2018-10-09 14:45 · (0)

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