* admin_ I try to replace a smiley in BBtool :

<a href="javascript:forum_tag(' :clap:',' ')"><img src="/smiley/mysmiley.gif" alt="*" title=":clap:" /></a>
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And it only change the smiley preview if we click smiley button, but it back to original smiley in post result.

How to replace the smiley in post result with custom smiley?
2018-01-24 10:45 · (0)
* Graham * admin_
in the block {% block post_view %} under {# Get message #} where you see
{{post.body|raw}} (2 places) change it to this
{{post.body|replace({ ("http://xtgem.com/images/smilies"): "/smiley"})|raw }}
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what this will do is fetch the images from your own folder /smiley instead of xtgems the actual image names must be the same as the xtgem ones
2018-01-24 13:41 (edited 2018-01-24 13:47 by Graham ) · (1)
* admin_ * Graham Ok thanks. I get it. (y)

And I think also need to replace "message_parsed|raw" on preview block.
2018-01-25 01:17 (edited 2018-01-25 02:31 by admin_ ) · (0)
* admin_ * Graham I use old 28split twig with no BBtool. And I see in http://baretest.xtgem.com/ with new twig BBtool. Im so frustated to change all div class name in my structure. Can I activate BBtool without change other my old twig?
2018-01-25 01:20 (edited 2018-01-25 01:42 by admin_ ) · (0)
* Graham * admin_ so you want this tool to fit with original css forum or do you have your own
2018-01-25 06:38 · (0)
* admin_ * Graham modify css and also twig.
but i use old 28 split twig , and in the structure have different div name ( if i compare with twig from baretest ).
but i get both have same structure, but different name in their div structure.
i replace new block structure with my old twig, but its need little change to repair unmatch css ( because different div name ).
2018-01-26 11:39 (edited 2018-01-26 11:45 by admin_ ) · (0)

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