* OneGhost An exception has been thrown during the rendering of a template ("Unable to create the cache directory (/var/cache/xtgem/twig/thegioisao.mobie.in-1ca5c6ddffbec9641383234537595668/d9/1b).") in "app/idvn/view_posts.txt" at line 1.
how to fix it ?
2016-09-10 05:16 · (0)
* Graham * OneGhost Tadas Knows about these errors and Is working to fix them
2016-09-10 23:52 · (0)
* lalrochhara * Graham we have too many problem in xtgem this time! Forum post, chat, guestbook, comment, etc... Please help us.
2020-02-13 21:02 · (0)
* VOLThor6 * lalrochhara Yea, I've reported those issues too. It sucks, specially for the blog comments and forums. I would be nice to see an official statement on the status of those. Are they being investigated, will they fix them? IDK time will tell.

Meanwhile you have to use third party widgets for comments like HTML comment box, disqus or facebook comments. For guestbook you can use X.t.c.a.t.'s which is still working. And the forum we just have to wait for a fix.
2020-02-19 11:40 · (0)
* escortsaffair * lalrochhara This is a land crab and cannot remain submerged for long periods.​

2020-03-15 22:05 · (0)
* NguyenThieu * VOLThor6 https://nhacvietnam.mobi
2020-03-18 23:06 · (0)
* NguyenThieu * NguyenThieu tải nhạc mp3 miễn phí tại https://nhacvietnam.mobi
2020-03-18 23:07 · (0)
* lalrochhara * VOLThor6 they didn't fix our problem after complaint! Why xtgem help service didnot respond!
hello guy i have big problem in my site, my blog commen is not work it always show 'under maintainance' i don't know how to fix?
Please anyone can give me suggestion or tutorial?
And also my forum is not work i can't publish my post! Its always show something like this '404 ..administrative rulse' i am new here on xtgem please help me, i need to fix this, anyone can help me?
Thanks in advanced.
2020-05-09 08:51 · (0)
* saniatgamer * Graham Plz help we can not sine up any xtgem site and my site suspended for hosting malicious countent why
2021-05-04 00:20 · (0)
* Templategyoom * Graham 503 Error server Xtgem
2021-08-30 18:33 · (0)

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