* TECRIDIBLE yeah previously i had posted about auti share of every page by fb,twitter,gmail some one replied "no not possible" but now i got it <b><xt:url/></b> i copied my ui from other site now i share my site in fb and fb dialogue box shows only the that site url which i copied from some one help me????

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* Graham * TECRIDIBLE i see no share code ?
We cannot help correct code we cannot see
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* TECRIDIBLE * Graham brother please look at this page http://droidinfo.cf/lab everything i had posted in that page and i had answered you there sorry for just posting
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* Graham * TECRIDIBLE The only thing wrong with your code is you have not surrounded the src and href values in quotes and it would look better with the image inside the links with the text just as the alt and title values
<a href="http://m.facebook.com/sharer.php?u=<xt:url />" title="Facebook"><img src="/images/fb.png" alt="Facebook"  /></a><br>
<a href="https://twitter.com/home?status=<xt:url />" title="Twitter"><img src="/images/twit.png" alt="Twitter" /></a><br>
<a href="https://plus.google.com/share?url=<xt:url/>" title="Google"><img src="/images/google.png" alt="Google" /></a>

Copy code
This way the user just clicks on the image
apart from that it worked fine
I have no idea why it should show the other sites address for you it may just be a cache thing if you tested on the other site first
I thought you were on about some code that forced visitors to share in a underhand way if you had explained a bit clearer this is exactly the code I would have given you
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* TECRIDIBLE * Graham thank u so much brother my code is just simple yours i will defenetly give a try,,, and i am not a builder i am just a copiee means i copied the whole site css from other site and slightly modified and made my site......

its just a simple site but i had done with another level like a blog

url of the css i copied from that site can you help me to solve the problem of showing the orginal site adresss

here are the links

help me to solve this prob
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* Graham * TECRIDIBLE I can see the problem now as it shows the other sites address to me also
are those verification codes yours or did you copy them too ?
because nowhere on your site can I find the other sites name
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* TECRIDIBLE * Graham verification code is mine i didnt copy those bro..... if you source view my page its in <header></header>
2017-12-08 17:04 (edited 2017-12-08 17:04 by TECRIDIBLE ) · (0)
* Graham * TECRIDIBLE well it is only fb that is doing it so I think the issue is there not actually on your site or in your code
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* TECRIDIBLE * Graham then there is no way to solve this bro... did you check css & bootstrap i checked but i dont find any code/adress of other site
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* Graham * TECRIDIBLE neither do I the css is just bootstrap so I can see no way it can affect it and their is no mention of the other site in your code
and that is a generic fb share code
if i use the code with your .mobie.in domain it works fine
I think the issue is on facebook itself and is linked to your domain
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