* TECRIDIBLE i just want to set up popup box and sound on opening site code needed and must support all browser
2018-01-25 16:39 · (0)
* Graham * TECRIDIBLE if you use actual popups most browsers will block them
so here is a simple javascript alert box
as for sound it depends how far back in ancient history you want to go but this would cover most
<audio autoplay><source src="/audio/sound.mp3" type="audio/mpeg"><object  style="height:0;width:0;overflow:hidden" data="/audio/sound.mp3" type="audio/mpeg" autostart="true"></object></audio>
Copy code
2018-01-27 16:15 · (0)
* Webschool * Graham I need the script of this online answer portal http://campusbase.mobie.in/password-portal.php
2018-02-14 20:30 · (0)

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