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* PhuongBolide I am the owner KhiepQua. wap site. A wap site dedicated to the support, shared source code related to the host system XtGem. On account 12 hours, I log on to the system but does not succeed, the majority XtGem idle. I was surprised and disappointed when I did not violate any provision of the regulations. Hope regent reconsider this issue. If I violate please cautions reopen wap and work effort because it was cloudy in my right ladder sticking supply XtGem, part XtGem again contribute to more development. Please reply to me the earliest and grant administrators an opportunity for me. Thank you
2014-04-14 10:38 · (1)
* NguyenVanLong * PhuongBolide @admin, please checks and rest this site for @phuongbolide. thanks
2014-04-14 10:44 · (0)
* Graham * PhuongBolide Sorry your site got caught up while I was banning spam accounts now un suspended
2014-04-14 11:05 · (1)
* eTaiVe.Com And then my friend
2014-04-14 11:36 · (0)
* NguyenVanLong * Graham thanks you very much!
2014-04-14 11:37 · (0)
* eTaiVe.Com * Graham give him a second chance is not @admin ,@Admin or
decrease the penalty for his site
admin go. Let's suspend his site a month or two months to go admin
2014-04-14 11:42 · (1)

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