* BashuBowri * VOLThor6 How to use xt: URL code inside twig file
2020-05-04 04:55 · (0)
* BashuBowri * BashuBowri I want to use below code in blog twig.
<div class="fb-comments" data-href="http://bashubowri.in" data-numposts="20" data-width=""></div>
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So how can I modify this code to get current URL in place of "http://BashuBowri.in".
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* BashuBowri * Graham I want to get current URL path in place of "http://example.com/index" in the following code to use it in twig template. Help me plz.
<div class="fb-comments" data-href="http://example.com/index" data-numposts="20" data-width=""></div>
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2020-05-04 05:29 · (0)
* VOLThor6 * BashuBowri I think you can achieve that with the Xt URL tag. Go here for the full documentation.

To use it inside the twig file You would need to assign the Xt URL to a variable and print the blog through Xt Script.
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* BashuBowri * VOLThor6 How do I move my xtgem site from http to Https ?
2020-05-19 07:34 · (0)

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