* bemethavinci I think most people in HERE are so happy to see their favourite Hosting Server XTGEM back, which am also happy about. Well, ever since this server came back! It seems most of some people here lost some data and seeing errors around their account and i think the Staffs, Admin should fix them. To me, i have three things in mind to say!

1 - Unable To Purchase Premium Service - Yes, they are thousands of people here who needs it but cant say, and i suggest they bring back that service as soon as possible. Because people get pissed off when seeing some pop ups moving around their site. Which killes their Site-SEO, and thinkinq oddly. They move to another server which is too Bad...Please Fix It.

2 - Old Designs - No doubt, most people think this server is dead and not trusted...which makes them to try other server...Please Fix This.

3 - Mobile Friendly / Errors - they are millions of people using a low ended devices like Java, Symbian And China phones to create a site on this server but now, they cant because of the Recaptha that is been added in the sign up button which looks awkward and annoyinq. In addition, i noticed some site is to slow in loadinq, and server is heavy and ever since Xtgem Came Back! Things Has Changed Alot...Thats All....Please Fix.

Note - If All Those Things Are Been Fixed On This Free Hosting Server, i think it will be the best and dethrown the rest...Wake Up Xtgem From Your Ascent Slumber....We Still Love Xtgem.
2017-11-06 12:55 · (0)

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