* viphuong Xtgem! Please give us a way to live!
Please send to admin of xtgem "Please give us a way to live!".
I see now xtgem and sextgem too many popup ads.
When I click on it will automatically create a window on the browser (causing disgust for customers, the traffic is reduced too much). Further I know that google is now stigmatized with pages with popup ads.
Then look forward to your review.
I understand you need to advertise to maintain but the popup hijacked our way of life and according to me, the number of people using xtgem decreased sharply. I think this is one of the reasons.

Give us a path to live! Thank you!
2018-05-05 01:17 · (0)
* viphuong :(
2018-05-07 02:01 · (0)

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