* Dewasa18+ After xtgem / sextgem is active again on 2 Nov 2017, why xtgem/sextgem server is often error on 9 and 10 Nov. And it happens many times in 1 day. I hope there's a follow-up admin to deal with all this and the same incident does not happen again in the future. Because of this incident very badly affect the number of blog visitors
2017-11-09 18:49 · (0)
* tadas * Dewasa18+ We were affected by datacentre power failure: https://thestack.com/data-centre/2017/11/10/ovh-data-centres-go-down-hours-of-downtime-ensue/
2017-11-29 03:22 · (0)
* Clicker * tadas hey sir, your intrusive injecting is very annoying, i lost the visitor that is 80-90 percent android / ios users therefore. Are you blind not seeing what we feel? your ads are injecting like blocking visitorss access to our site who using xtgem. please use 5-10 banner ads at the bottom of the page, but do not use ads that can not be clicked back or previous ... as your hosting progamer fails to create the convenience of your users.
2017-11-29 09:06 · (0)
* Clicker * tadas please copy "wapka.com" the ads are just below the page, there are 6 ad links and 1 banner ads. but there is no intrusive ads. http://telanganasongs.wapka.mobi/index.xhtml http://konami.wapka.mobi/index.xhtml
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