* Graham I have been playing around with youtube's search data api
I have various scripts I have been testing
This version is in javascript
You will need to start a project and get your own youtube data api key from
Mine will not work for you
Demo http://adgj.mw.lt/00tube_1
enter a search query
when you click a thumbnail the video is embedded into the page

The script never reloads the page from xtgems servers
the whole thing is browser/youtube based javascript
it will not work on old devices or browsers (ie operamini ) that cannot handle dynamic content

Upload the whole html page by url from http://adgj.mw.lt/00tube_1.css direct to your site
after upload remove the /* and */ from the top and bottom add your own api key and rename it.
This file is the latest version from the demo page

This next version uses bootstrap jquery ajax and shows the video duration (uses twice the api data )

The original code is from w3tweaks.com
Demo http://adgj.mw.lt/tube/jtube.html

All I have done so far is add the code to embed the video and remove the code that displayed the json response in the 'Advertisement' column
There is a lot more data available for views likes etc which I will add

Upload the html page code from http://adgj.mw.lt/tube/jtube.css
remove the /* and */ after upload and remove the .css
upload the css http://adgj.mw.lt/tube/maincss.css
you will need to adjust the path in the html if the css is not in /tube/
upload the search icon image http://adgj.mw.lt/tube/images/searchicon.png
The css expects this to be in /tube/images/
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* Graham Here is another jquery script this one will embed a youtube channel in your site
the original zip is attached to this post
The original site is HERE
You will need your own api key
You can also upload the main files by remote server
html page http://adgj.mw.lt/youmax-master/youmaxhtml.css
after upload remove the /* and */ and rename it youmax.html
The only changes i have made is to add xt:code tags

javascript http://adgj.mw.lt/youmax-master/js/youmax.js to a folder named js

css http://adgj.mw.lt/youmax-master/css/youmax.css to a folder named css

demo http://adgj.mw.lt/youmax-master/youmax.html

note if you copy a channel url use http NOT https
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