* Disaru Hi, I'm recently parked my domain from Namecheap to my xtgem sites. I have waited 2 days since point it to ns1.xtgem.com and ns2.xtgem.com.

But There are something wrong because I see a little of XTgem site iframe on my site header. And, my site just keep refreshing when I open a blog posts. The site just run normal though if I'm access it using the original xtgem subdomain. Screenshot are following below. Thank you :D

My site: xtblogger.xtgem.com
Parked domain: wapmasternotes.site
2018-05-26 18:04
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* Screenshot_2018-05-27_100105.jpg · image/jpeg · 124.17KB
* Screenshot_2018-05-27_100119.jpg · image/jpeg · 172.61KB
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* Graham * Disaru I have left a message with Povilas and Tadas to look into this
2018-05-26 22:47 · (0)
* Disaru ok thank you. The refresh error when opening a blog post seems cause by my codes, I was tried to remove some codes and it normal again, sorry hehe...

So the issue now only the xtgem iframe...
2018-05-27 13:27 · (0)

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