* toshudhiman * Graham Ok.
Try like this.
Make 3 new block (text blocks)

Then make a new class (css)

Then edit those 3 blocks and select "class option"

There u will nt find the class name which u just made before.

Thats the problem im facing.

And i m from india.
2014-04-11 15:13 · (0)
* Graham * toshudhiman yes I am getting the same
Myself I am in England the other staff are in Lithuania appx 2000 km and 2 timezones away
2014-04-11 15:21 (edited 2014-04-11 15:22 by Graham ) · (0)
* toshudhiman * Graham So how to fix this problem.
And who are u ? I mean xtgem staff member or just xtgem user like us.
2014-04-11 18:48 · (0)
* Graham * toshudhiman Both I was a user first I first used xtgem in 2008 worked here from dec 2010
Until I can get someone to fix it the best way is to put dummy classes in global_stylesheet.css
like this
.my_class { }
.my_other_class { }

Copy code

that will at least put the class names in the selector but you will still have to add the styles in the editor on each page
2014-04-11 19:30 · (0)

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