* Graham * Waplocus Yes you can xt include files into the head
They should either be plain text files with just the tags/scripts or if they are full html pages only the contents of the <body> </body> is included the rest is ignored
Although you need to watch out for the building tool parser adding back <title> tags etc (if you edit using the building tool ) and the default meta tags from the site settings
2016-06-02 10:28 (edited 2016-06-02 10:34 by Graham ) · (0)
* Waplocus * Graham Wil It Reflect On All Pages?
2016-06-02 13:29 · (0)
* Waplocus * Waplocus Is It Proper To Use Different Social Meta Data On Diff. Pages By Creating A Text File Each 4 De Different Pages And Using the xt:include to import them?...
2016-06-02 14:16 (edited 2016-06-02 14:21 by Waplocus ) · (0)
* Graham * Waplocus Yes but watch out for "recursion detected" errors if you are trying to include a html page into the _headtags file ( the _headtags will try to include _headtags into the html page being included ending up in a loop)
just be aware that the default meta tags in the site options will still be used as well (if they are set)
And may clash with others added by you
2016-06-02 14:25 (edited 2016-06-02 14:39 by Graham ) · (0)
* Waplocus * Graham Thank Sir!.
2016-06-02 17:36 · (0)
* Waplocus * Graham Sir is der anyway i can stop google from crawling my xt pagination e.g SITENAME.xtgem.com/FOLDER?__xt_content_page=2
2016-06-02 17:38 (edited 2016-06-02 20:37 by Waplocus ) · (0)
* Graham * Waplocus You need to get a
<meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow">
into the page
maybe something like this
get __xt_content_page
var $domain=<xt:url type="domain" />
if $__xt_content_page >1 or $domain==XTGEM SITE NAME
print <meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow">
print <meta name="robots" content="index, follow" />

Copy code

it should go in the <head> area
it will still probably take a few month for the results to drop off of google
2016-06-03 09:31 (edited 2016-06-04 15:47 by Graham ) · (0)
* Waplocus * Graham Wil It Also Affect The Default Page?...
2016-06-03 16:45 · (0)
* Lordeagle * Waplocus Nope...it only has effect from d second page of the paged contents
2016-06-03 17:36 · (0)
* Waplocus * Graham Plz i wanted including it into my _headtags, hope it won't affect de initial meta robot of de page nd prevent it from google index or crawling it?... Thanks
2016-06-04 12:45 · (0)

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