* Graham * Waplocus It works just fine
1/ the script must be below the blog function on the page
2/ if you use it for filelist the class is 'filelist_paging' (or whatever you set if using custom paging)
3/ replace YOUR_SITE.XTGEM.COM with your xtgem site
4/ <xt:url:type="domain" /> returns the current domain being used if the user visits with the xtgem domain that's what it returns
if the user visits with the parked domain it returns the parked domain if you want just replace it with your parked domain
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* Waplocus * Graham Thanks Sir.
2016-06-09 15:08 · (0)
* Waplocus * Waplocus Please Sir I Want To Create A Mobile Version For My Site With A Default File In subdomain name "mobile"... e.g
"mobile.mypeople.cf" "mobile.mypeople.cf/Forum" mobile.mypeople.cf/Apps e.t.c... This wil display the mobile version of above specified site file... Thanks.
2016-06-09 15:18 · (0)
* Graham * Waplocus Subdomains are both easy and tricky at the same time
see http://syntax.xtgem.com/manual/xtgem/default?func=subdomain

it is far easier to have the same html code and pages with different css using the media attribute of the link rel
@media queries in the css file

Xtgem actually has a built in method using the xt_touch class that requires you to be using xtgem_template.css as one of your css files to activate it
basically it works like this
.xt_touch .className {...} only applies to pc laptop and high end mobiles tablets etc
.className {...} applies to all devices
When you visit with a high end device the class xt_touch is applied to the body and any other classes can be referenced from that
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* Waplocus * Graham Please, Graham Wil It Be Proper To Place This In The "_headtags" File? Nd Wot Shld I Replace "sitename.com" in the code with?
get __xt_content_page
var $domain=<xt:url type="domain" />
if $__xt_content_page >1 or $domain==sitename.com
print <meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow">
print <meta name="robots" content="index, follow" />
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* Lordeagle * Waplocus I dont tink the arguement needs alternative 'else' is necessary since index,follow is the default instruction given to robots
2016-06-13 17:11 · (0)
* Graham * Waplocus repace "sitename.com" with the name and xtgem domain of your site ie "webrite.xtgem.com"
2016-06-13 18:09 · (0)
* Lordeagle * Graham Waiting for your reply in my thread
2016-06-13 18:36 · (0)
* Waplocus * Graham To Be Place Wer Please?.
2016-06-13 19:45 · (0)
* Graham * Waplocus you can add it to _headtags it then applies to all pages
2016-06-13 21:51 · (0)

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