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Pallet rack wire decks is the most popular decking used on pallet rack to store or retrieve pallet loads, boxes, cartons and bulk cargos etc, it is a good idea to have pallet racks equipped with wire decks for picking of inventory in warehouse, providing a strong solution and increase safety to your warehouse rack system.

1, Pallet rack wire decks improve the performance of warehouse sprinkler system as well as whole visibility of warehouse.
2, Pallet rack wire decking adds additional safety for pallet racking systems while also Working with most styles of pallet racks.
3, Galvanization surface finish treatment which make wire decks won’t corrode for a long time. It withstands the rigors of your facility , retaining its appearance, surface integrity even in cold/freezer storage.
4,Capacities based on UDL (uniform distributed load),Custom designs and sizes available to fit most pallet rack application.
5, waterfall design at front and rear to keep the decks securely on the beam without displacement
6, Good ideas for storing & picking cartons, boxes, bulks.

1, Flared waterfall wire mesh decking match with box beams, or channel beams
Flared Waterfall Wire Deck uses a flattened end to rest on top of the beam surface. It also has a waterfall edge to keep the deck securely on the beam and holds it into place. It is ideal for applications that utilize box beams or structural beams.

2, Step waterfall Wire mesh Decking match with Step Beams
This wire decks show“U” Channel cross supports that rest on the step of step beam, which adds to the strength of the Wire Deck while part of the decking rests on top of the beam. The edge of the deck hangs over the face of the beam for added support. The step carries the weight of the decking and its items across the surface area of the step beam.

Ironstone offers a variety of sizes, capacities, and customized wire decks to accommodate most of racks and application. If you are trying to look for standard sizes or custom size or style, let us know, We can get it for you.China Wire Deck suppliers
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